Attorney at law
Dr. Hartwig Stiebler

Consultation concerning commercial and administrative law

Following to a long term employment in an international US based law firm, I started my own firm for the consultation of national / international companies, primarily in the chemical and agrochemical industry.

Since 1998 I am a member of the legal committee (ZAR / IVA) of the Association of German Chemical Industry (VCI). Integrated in a professional network, the key areas of commercial law / corporate law / competition law / antitrust law / media and labor law are covered by colleagues.

Own areas of special competence:

Commercial law

Draft of complex

  • toll manufacturing agreements
  • cooperation agreements
  • research and development agreements
  • agreements for the installation, operation and maintenance of manufacturing plants
  • quality assurance agreements
  • specification agreements
  • consignment stock agreements
  • secrecy agreements
  • sampling procedures
  • distributorship / agency agreements
  • framework supply agreements

Legal representation in court particularly in

  • product liability / warranty claims
  • product recalls
  • unfair competition disputes

Administrative law

National and EU plant protection law

  • Assistance in the regulatory area vis-à-vis the regulatory authorities, particularly in new national verification requirements of the evaluation authorities
  • Admission requirements for the distribution of generic products in particular parallel trade / reimport of plant protection products
  • Legal questions concerning the classification / labeling of plant protection products and competition law right of recall
  • Data protection of registration dossiers / compensation
  • Defense of disclosure of registration dossiers based on the Environmental Information Act
  • Legal requirements for advertisement of plant protection products
  • Distinction between plant protection product, fertilizer, biocides

Seed law

  • Requirements concerning the labeling of seeds
  • Legal issues related to the authorization of seeds
  • Liability issues in case of quality defects of seed in international business transactions
  • Legal protection against administrative measures in case of traces of gene modified organisms in conventional seed
  • Requirements comparative advertising by trial tests

Biocide law

  • Classification and labeling according to the EC Regulation 1272/2008
  • Legal questions in connection with the advertisement of biocide products and active ingredients
  • Participation rights of the manufacturer for the harmonized classification procedure in accordance with EC Regulation 1272/2008
  • Assistance in the regulatory area vis-à-vis regulatory authorities
  • Distinction between biocide / plant protection product

Fertilizer legislation

  • National distribution restrictions of authorized fertilizer types based on the protection clause according to the EC Regulation 2003/2003
  • Inadmissibility of the applicability of phytosanitary evaluation models to verify the subjects of protection of fertilizer legislation

Genetic law

  • Assistance in the regulatory area vis-à-vis regulatory authorities
  • Data protection of registration dossiers
  • Legal protection against the publication of registration dossiers based on the Environmental Information Act
  • Legal issues in connection with the cultivation of gene modified crops (GMO) in and near protected landscapes and flora / fauna / habitat areas
  • Legal protection against illegal occupation of trial sites / destruction of trial sites for the cultivation / release of GMO